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Urban Planning

A small house that is well planned and built is very beautiful and will prevent us from using a lot of space, just like a city structure. Planning a city has become very important for the development of a city, which provides more facilities to the people. When there is no such thing as urban planning, the city will face various awkward obstacles. Especially

  • Irregular road systems, narrow streets
  • The growth of the nuclei is inhibited.
  • Essentials like drinking water, drainage, electricity are not available regularly.
  • Improper roads can cause more traffic congestion during work hours.
  • Uncontrolled city growth, unhealthy environment.
  • Location of Business Institutions.
  • Lack of adequate space for parks and playgrounds
  • For the above reasons an unhealthy urban environment is set up for the people. With this in mind planning for a city will give us a long-term solution and give the city long-term growth.

Documents required to obtain a building permit for a new building:

  • Application for building permit.
  • Photo of the proposed house.
  • Application seeking project approval.
  • Architect Welfare Board Form.
  • FORM A, B, C
  • Consent Form.
  • Non-pending property tax / vacancy receipt, drinking water bill receipt.
  • Receipt of handwriting.
  • Chitta or Patta.
  • Visual copy
  • Certificate of title with the applicant’s deed registration record.
  • Source
  • Copy of the applicant’s receipt
  • Proof of inviolability of the bank concerned if the property is mortgaged.
  • Sewer Deposit Amount Receipt.
  • Copy of architectural drawing

To get service request receipt / apply online at  

Important features to be considered by the Town Planning Officer / Surveyor while reviewing the building application.

  • 15 meters from the water level according to town planning rules.
  • Is the front side, back side, empty space according to the rules ..
  • Is the parking lot according to the rules?
  • Are the building rooms in accordance with the rules?
  • Are bathroom and toilet sizes according to the rules?
  • Is there a wind path ..
  • Is there an opening.
  • Bathroom toilet according to the rule
  • Is there air poke.
  • According to the chimney rule.
  • Whether the rainwater harvesting structure is in accordance with the rules.
  • Is the solar power system according to the rule.
  • Whether the stairs are set according to the rule.
  • Are the doors routes routine?
  • Whether the crematorium is located within a radius of 30 meters
  • Whether the submitted application is outside the purview of the Corporation Act, City Planning Act, Primary Education Act, Industrial Law, Land Acquisition Act, Housing Act or their by-laws.
  • Not only this but the town planning officer and the corporation commissioner will give their approval on the building permit application as per some other town planning rules. A city and the livelihood and quality of life of the people of the city will help to move towards a sustainable development path.


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