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The Mukkadal Dam was built across the Vambaru River in 1945 on the orders of King Chithirai Thirunal Balarama Varma of Travancore.Dam Details

  • Mukkadal Dam is a scenic area surrounded by mountains on three sides.
  • The entire construction of the dam was done with clay and granite.
  • The Mukkadal Dam is 25 feet deep and can store water at a depth of -19.5 feet unlike any other dams. When there the water level is in minus, it is pumped by the motor and the drinking water is distributed.
  • Dam height: 44.5 feet
    Watershed area : 17.48 Sq
  • Water level area: 126.9 acres
  • Excess fold length: 130 feet
    Bottom width : 314 feet
    Top width : 20 feet
    Length : 1015 feet
  • There is a children’s park, a science park, and an open auditorium for public utilisation. School and College students to come on educational tours to the dam site.

Fare Details:

  • Children – Rs.5
  • Adult – Rs.10
  • Camera – Rs.200
  • Photoshoot – Rs.2500
  • Auditorium – Rs. 7000
  • Film shooting – Rs.25000