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Clock Tower

• 15th Feb. 1893: The Clock Tower was inaugurated by King of Travancore, Sri MulamThirunal.

• The clock in the tower was connected by a 60-foot-long chain that bears weight and its operation is based on gravity.

• According to the Government of Travancore memorandum dated August 22, 1893,
Mr.Duthie ,Mr.Hooverp,Mr.Horseley from the Church of London and Krishnan Iyer and Rathinasamy Iyer from Nagercoil together built the Clock Tower.

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Mukkadal Dam

The Mukkadal Dam was built across the Vambaru River in 1945 on the orders of King Chithirai Thirunal Balarama Varma of Travancore.
• Mukkadal Dam is a scenic area surrounded by mountains on three sides.
• The entire construction of the dam was done with clay and granite.
• The Mukkadal Dam is 25 feet deep and can store water at a depth of -19.5 feet unlike any other dams. When there the water level is in minus, it is pumped by the motor and the drinking water is distributed.

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1. Sir C.V. Ramaswamy Iyer Memorial Park , Cape Road Near Anna Bus Stand.

2. Kandajan Kulam Children Park , Cape Road near Annaipalam.

3. Moulana Abdulkalam Azad Children Park , Edalakudy.

4. Thaliayapuram Park at Vadasery near Parathar Street.

5. Saraloor Park (Saraloor)

6. Irulappapuram Park at Irulappapuram.

7. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Park at Vadasery near Arrot Road.8. Thattanvilai Park at Thattanvila

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  • Vadasery kanagamoolam vegetable market.
  • Vaasery fish market.
  • Saraloor fish& vegetable market.
  • Saraloor cow market.
  • Koozhakadai market.

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Kottar Wholesale market

• Kottar is located at the heart of Nagercoil City

• It is the most important commercial center and wholesale market of the district. From here the goods are traded throughout the district.

• Kottar has been a major trading center since the time of Chera, Chola, Pandya kingdoms and has reference in Sangam Literature too.

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Krishanan Kovil Filter House

  • Mukkadal Dam is the main source of drinking water for the people of Nagercoil Corporation.
    The water available from the Mukkadal Dam is brought to the water plant which is located at Krishnankovil in Nagercoil and is treated and distributed to the people.
  • The drinking water treatment plant at Krishnankovil was built and opened by the King of Travancore on June 20, 1945.The Krishnankoil filter house treats 200 lakh liters of water daily and supplies it to the people of Nagercoil. Currently, drinking water is distributed to 6 – 8 wards on a daily basis.

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Nagaraja Temple

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Saverior Church

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Thirparappu Falls

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Kaalikesam Waterfalls

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