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City Mission Management Unit


                    This unit under NCMC is doing many allivations and Community Development Activities.The main aim is promote and uplift the poor section (BPL) in this city.This city comprises 28 slum and other backward areas covered 21000 BPL families.


                   This corporation consists with 52 wards,compare with all other towns industrial sectors are very very low in numbers. So unemployment problem is the top most one even people are completed their basic education and other technical and academic studies.

CMMU- Implementing unit under corporation:

                      For the purpose of eradicate poverty and promote the living standard both central Govt and state Govt launching various programmes .That programs will help positive transformation reflect in their living standards.

Various programmes:

                      In early days 2000 onwards BSUP, JANURAM, SJSRY etc were pave way promote the living standards of BPL families in vital manner.

After Math of 2014:NULM

                      In the year of 2014 ,Govt of India implement National Urban Livelihood Mission for the upliftment of poors(BPL).For the instance of following programmes launched for the well being of poors under this schemes.

  1. SMID-Social Mobilisation & Industrial Development:

                      Constructing backward areas ,slums and people living under BLP .SHG were framed and they should provided revolving fund, SHG-Subsidy Loans,Individual Loans etc provided for the poor section.

  1. CBT-Capacity Building Training:

                      Under this programmes animators and representatives were give intensified training like ,EOP,converquence Govt programmes like Health,child abuse ,awarness on dengu ,corona, maintaining records of both SHG and ALF,banking,by means of that promote their leadership and organising qualities.

  1. EST&P-Employment Skill Training and Placement:

                       Under this programme promoting skill training were provided to the urban poor both male and female age between 18-35.Completion of the programme they were placed appropriate sectors.

  1. SEP-I,G,BL:

                       Under this program loans were provided for both individuals and groups under interest subsidy schemes.The above said loans not need any collateral guarantee.By means of that Groups were enjoyed getting 10 lakhs loan under SEP-G(group activity)SEP. Bank Linkage for internal leading with low interest for SHG members.  

                           By means of that nowadays small, medium establishment were run by both individual and groups leads marketable change in the city with innovation.

  1. Scheme for Urban Homeless:

                        This is a exclusive programme secure and safeguard people launching at bus stands ,public places dwell their lives in platforms were replaced through this schemes.

a)Abhya Kendra- Near S.T.Hindu college-Nagercoil:

                 Rs.25 lakhs spent for the construction of such a unit separately for both gents and ladies , providing  both loading  and boarding were provided with medical aid(first aid) facilities .so far more than 320 beneficiary were benefited each rooms provided 25 beds for both male and female folks. Now 32 permanent old people, helpers,homeless and destitute were accommodated . Some of them were sent with their relatives after a long counciling.

b)Dhya Kendra- Asaripallam Medical college campus(special shelter):

                This is a special shelter exclusively made for the benefit of by students of patients.Here provision of goods 104 beds were provided for short term dowlers. It is very useful at the time of pandemic corona.Hot water ,medical foods also provided for them.

  1. CLC-City Livelihood Centre:

                        Under NULM ,SMID Components emphasise the importance of CLC,this is a centre run at vadasery bus stand.The building consists with 1000 sq.ft building.This is a good unit providing employment opportunity and guidance centre with training facilities.Three compartments namely training hall with audio visual education  practical training comprised 20 sewing machines and a front office comprised cc cameras xerox machine ,fire guard ,stufle machine,computers both column and BSW printers set for the purpose of E.seva kendra.This has been run by a manager and one ULB representative.It is a good service provide centre for urban poor.

  1. SUSV-Scheme for Urban Street Vendors:

                        Providing and promoting the cities marketing street vendors play a vital role ,they are provided by ID cards and special centres(vending zone)were provided for them.More over under PMSWANithi scheme more than 1000 vendors benefited PMSWANithi loans ie first loans sum of Rs.10000/- second loans sum of Rs.20000/- will boost their business after two post pandemic effect.

  1. Other Programmes:

        1. BPL certificates: 

                 BPL certificates issue for the urban poor for OAP,housing and other pension schemes etc.

2. PMAY:

                  Guiding people who are holding a little bit of land providing construction of new RCC houses.Rs.2,10,000/-(for terms)were guided by COs section.


                  Implementing schemes effectively convergence meetings were arranged create aware among poor and other public through street corner plots ,meetings,training etc.            

  1. SBM-Community Sanitary Complex:

                          28 community sanitary complexes were run by SHGs and monitored by COs.

  1. AMMA Unavagam:

                           Two SHGs were deployed exclusively meant for two Amma unavagam one is at Vadasery bus stand and other one at Asaripallam medical college campus COs monitored the functions of the groups work under Amma unavagam

  1.  Ward Certificates:

                   Take into account of students of higher education for applying educational loan COs section issue ward certificates of students of this city 


  Hence the UPA-Urban Poverty Allivations Section now CMMU plays an important role to promote the betterment of poor people and all other public in good way