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KrishnanKovil Filter House

  • Mukkadal Dam is the main source of drinking water for the people of Nagercoil Corporation.
  • The water available from the Mukkadal Dam is brought to the water plant which is located at Krishnankovil in Nagercoil and is treated and distributed to the people.
  • The drinking water treatment plant at Krishnankovil was built and opened by the King of Travancore on June 20, 1945.The Krishnankoil filter house treats 200 lakh liters of water daily and supplies it to the people of Nagercoil.
  • Currently, drinking water is distributed to 6 – 8 wards on a daily basis.When it was built in 1945, its supply 70 lakh litres of water per day (7 million litres) to suite the census population Nagercoil.
  • Following this, in 1961, its started supplying drinking water from here to the areas added in the municipality.Thus, the amount of water required by the people started increasing, hence, and the second treatment plant was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Thiru. M.G.Ramachandran at Nagercoil on 07/07/1979 under the Nagercoil Municipal Drinking Water Development Distribution Scheme.
  • The second station purifies and supplies 85 lakh litres of water daily (8.5 million litres). In 2001, a third treatment plant with a capacity of 170 lakh litres (17 million litres) was sanctioned.With the above three treatment plants, 200 lakh liters of water is being treated daily and supplied to the people of Nagercoil.
  • Now the Puthen Dam Water Supply Improvement Project under AMRUT is ongoing wherein a fourth treatment plant is being constructed there to purify 41.12 million litres of water.
  • Industrial visit is permitted for school and college students are allowed for industrial visit at Krishnancoil Filter House. Public visit is not permitted.
  1. Aeration 
  2. Plaint sedimentation  
  3. Coagulation  with sedimentation 
  4. Filteration by rapad sand method 
  5. Disinfection